TV Lift Technology

Carbon Fiber Innovation - American TV Lift offers the world’s only carbon fiber TV Lift mechanism, the ATL System. Utilizing the strength and flexibility of carbon fiber technology we have created the fastest rising lift mechanism that operates virtually silent. Sound mechanical engineering principles combined with technologically advanced materials allows us to provide a lift mechanism with an outstanding dedication to durability and longevity. This allows us to offer the finest lift mechanism available, with the industries longest warranty 12 full years. Regardless of the television size or weight, the number of TV’s you want raised, or how high you want the TV to rise, American TV Lift technology has the answer for you.

Lift Operation – Our TV Lifts are operated by infrared commands (optional RF available). Our infrared commands allow the system to work with any learning remote, and with any existing or new home automation system as well. We provide a standard infrared universal remote, or we also offer upgraded remotes. If you prefer to have your system operate with your existing remote, this works as long as the remote is a “learning remote”. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us anytime! All of our cabinets contain a lift activation button directly on the cabinet as well. Wired dry contact closer is always available.

Wire Management
– Audio video wire control is an integrated part of our TV Lift system, not an after thought like other lift devices. Wires are pre-installed in your TV Lift system and are easily accessible for installation of televisions and components. Other TV Lift cabinet providers do not typically offer a controlled wired management system like ours. Our TV Lift systems are controlled by an industrial designed IGUS cable chain designed to keep wires from tangling. Everything is kept neat and tidy!

Swivel Mechanisms– TV Lift systems with swivel mechanisms allow the TV to offer multiple viewing angles. When the TV is risen, the TV swivel capacity is approximately 351 degrees. The swivel mechanism will work at full capacity if the cabinet is unobstructed on all sides (sits in the middle of a room, for example). If the TV Lift cabinet sits against a wall the swivel will be limited by the distance to the nearest obstruction. Automatic motor cut off switch is enabled when the swivel is in use.

Articulating Arms – TV Lift systems with articulating arms allow the TV to offer multiple viewing angles. The articulating arm mechanism is attached to the back of the TV box within the TV Lift cabinet, and when risen, the TV pulls out manually and can be turned in either direction. Articulating arms are typically chosen if the TV Lift cabinet sits against a wall (or other surface) but a large viewing angle is still desired. Automatic motor cut off switch is enable when the articulating arm is in use.

Back to Back TV's – TV Lift systems with Back to Back TV capability allow multiply TV's to rise together offer multiple Front and back viewing simultaneously. Back to back TV's are typically chosen if the cabinet is used as a room divider.

Double Height Extension – TV Lift systems with double height extension allow the TV rise twice as high to offer viewing of the TV over chairs and other objects in your room. Double height extension TV Lifts are typically chosen if the cabinet sits behind existing furniture that block the view of a single height lift.