USA Flex Pay

A Payment Plan For Any Budget

At American TV Lift, we make it easy to own one of the world's best pop up TV lift entertainment system with USA Flex Pay, a whole new way to pay. The USA Flex Pay system was designed to put you in control of when you pay, think of it as a pay as we go plan. By partnering with local financial institutions, we can now offer three payments (two for ATL mechanisms) to help bring you one step closer to owning a TV lift system.

You can see below how the pay gates work, you decided when our team starts the next phase of your project, we'll let you know when your project is ready to move to the next phase, pay then or wait it's totally up to you. The total cost of your TV lift can always be made all upfront to ensure the quickest lead time OR you can pay the total in three easy payments (two for ATL mechanisms), now that's flexibility.