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High Quality Furniture – We employ artists, engineers, craftsmen and design professionals to offer a plethora of original designs, with intricate details and sturdy construction. We do not cut corners or compromise on quality. We use high quality woods and veneers, not particle board. We use both CNC machines for precision engineered cutting, and hand crafting and assembly for structural and artistic details. We use top of the line hardware and professional grade finishes. Our products are designed and made to last!

TV Lift Solutions For Everyone – Whatever the budget or desired feature American TV Lift has you covered offering the most available TV Lifts systems anywhere from The American TV Lift® systems to Häfele® TV lift systems and everything in between. We have been in the TV lift business since 1999 and we know the best lift systems for each budget and feature request. The American TV Lift® brand is hand assembled and are the only TV lifts on the market to use the latest in carbon fiber technology. The system can lift ANY size television or even multiple TV’s, as well as components and speakers. American TV Lift is also the only place you can find the low profile cabinet TV Lift system, a true testament to our engineering prowess. The American TV Lift systems include a 12 year warranty, proving it is designed and made to last!

Customer Service – Not only do we provide exceptional products but we provide exceptional service as well. We value our customers and we aim to please. We are available to answer questions by phone 7 days a week, Email, or even in person with a scheduled meeting. We offer many services that other TV lift companies do not. Our goal is to give you the best possible complete TV lift entertainment solution, from helping you select the right lift system, to even offering you some of the industries top audio solutions.

Personalization and Customization – Each item on our website is available with multiple personalization features. These features include things like cabinet size, wood type, finish color, hardware color, swivel mechanisms, articulating arms, operating options, and more. But we don’t stop there. In order to give our clients exactly what they want, we go beyond that and offer customization options as well. Customization options include things like specialty woods and finishes, unique hardware options, embedded LED lighting, hidden storage areas, unique cabinet sizes, and even brand new cabinet designs (designed either by the customer, their design professional, or an American TV Lift® design professional). Most personalization options are available directly through your purchase on our website. You will need to contact us for most of the customization options.