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Restoration Rising TV Lifts

Due to high demand we are excited to offer you some of your favorite Restoration Hardware® sideboard designs converted to TV Lifts. You already love Restoration Hardware®, you've probably even been to one of their 58 showrooms, and have some of there pieces in your home. And now here you are on the American TV Lift website, wondering if you can have an American TV Lift in a Restoration Hardware® cabinet. Can you have your cake and eat it too? YES, you can!! We procure the sideboard or dresser directly from Restoration Hardware®, or you can send us one that you already have, and then we modify the sideboard with our specialized CNC Robots to house one of our State of The Art American TV Lift systems. We then install all necessary wiring, TV casement, and even the TV if you like. Then we ship the upgraded sideboard TV Lift directly to you. We call it Restoration Rising, so if you see the design below you gotta have or if you don't just let us know which one it is and we will procure it from Restoration Hardware® and get you the latest technology in your favorite design.

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