Dedication to Service

Looking For The Best TV Lift Experience?

A Dedication to Service

Our customers appreciate the direct access they have to the president of the company and our experienced engineering and design team. We are here to help answer any questions or concerns by phone, email, or even in person with a scheduled meeting.

Design Service

We provide complimentary design drawings with your order. This shows the design and dimensions of the piece. For our customers interested in brand new designs, or modifications of existing cabinet designs, we have a professional design team available to offer design services including consultation, design suggestions, computer renderings and scaled to size drawings. We can even build a new cabinet using a brand new design, just send us your creative ideas we are always excited to build something new!

ATL Wood / Color Sample Service

Part of our 100% satisfaction service is our wood / color sample approval process. After you've placed your order and you've decided on wood type and a finish color, our team will immediately get to work on creating a sample that's not just a color chip, no we put the color you want on the wood you want and then ship that sample to you. Once you get the sample, you can either have us adjust the color, try a different wood, or sign the back saying, "This is perfect put this on my cabinet." This way you know exactly what you're going to be getting on delivery day.

Post Delivery Assistance

We've spent years building one of the strongest Audio / Video integrator networks worldwide so that we can connect you with a professional familiar with our TV lift system to help you connect an existing entertainment system to your TV lift or create a whole new TV entertainment experience for you. The world of entertainment technology is constantly evolving at a rapid pace and our network is full of A/V integrators who keep on top of this fast paced world so you don't have to, they're ready to introduce your new TV lift to the best TVs, audio, and control systems the tech world has to offer.

Industries Longest  Limited Warranty

Warranties are included complimentary with your purchase. Should anything ever not function appropriately just let us know.