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"Offering More Viewing Angles and Cabinet Add-ons Than Any Other Provider"

We've heard you and we've answered your requests for more viewing options and more options for the cabinet itself. At American TV Lift we don't stop with just a vertical TV lift, no, we spin, we flip, we add more micro motorization to make solutions out of problems. Have a look for yourself and see just what our engineering gurus are capable of. Just because we're called American TV Lift, doesn't mean our lift system is only good at concealing TVs, we can put our machines up against your imagination, whatever you want to conceal we can make it happen for you.

We've listened to your feedback and have expanded our range of viewing and cabinet options. At American TV Lift, we offer more than just vertical TV lifts. Our motorized lifts are versatile, with options to spin, flip, and add micro motorization for customized solutions. Take a look at our innovative engineering capabilities. While our name is American TV Lift, our systems can conceal more than just TVs. We can bring your imaginative ideas to life. Whatever you want to hide, we can make it happen for you.