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The American Outdoor TV Lift

We build quality products. This never became more important than we started building outdoor TV Lifts years ago. Polymers, steels, and engineering are the trick to surviving in the outdoor environment. We have perfected the combination, to bring to you reliable and effortless use of your new Outdoor TV Lift.
A composite material is typically used to wrap the TV Lift Cabinet machine, but other materials are available, like wood, stone, etc.

We can reveal and conceal any size television, we can also make them turn, pivot, and articulate,

With an optional Solar Panel. The machine will pay for itself and even make you money, sending electricity back into the grid which you will receive a credit for on your electric bill. We do it all for you at American TV Lift. Now we can even help pay for it. The Innovation never Ends

Our outdoor models are shown below, however, most of our indoor models can be modified to outdoor ready. So check out our indoor models as well!

And with a 12-year warranty plus an optional protection plan, your TV Lift success is guaranteed. Even in the Great Outdoors! So let's get the family and friends together and spend some quality time outside with your New Quality American TV Lift Cabinet.

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When you want the Ultimate in Design and Protection...

Putting TV's in places you never thought possible and keeping your outdoor TV safe and sound are great reasons to have a TV Lift Cabinet when creating an ideal outdoor living space. Here at American TV Lift, we want to help you keep things damage and theft free while creating a beautiful living space with one of our ultra-tough, super-quite, and most importantly, stunningly beautiful Outdoor TV lift cabinets.