Sound Bar Options

Finding The Perfect Spot To Hide Your Sound Bar

The Solutions You Need For The Best In Design

At American TV Lift we want to help you hide those unsightly TVs when you're not using them, but then there's always the sound bar that seems to want to hang out with your TV. Well no worries my friend, we have multiple ways of hiding your sound bar without sacrificing any sound quality. Below you'll find all of the options we offer for your sound bar which works for any of our cabinet designs, some changes might need to be made, but we always make it look good.

Second Stage Motorized Pop Up Sound Bar Lift
When one lift isn't enough, we've got you covered with a lift for your sound bar. Micro Motorization has allowed American TV Lift to store your sound bar behind the your TV and then with the press of one button raise just the sound bar for a music only experience, and with the press of another button, raise both your TV and your sound bar simultaneously. By doing this we can keep your cabinet height the same and keep your sound bar with your TV so you can enjoy your sound bar no matter what direction your TV may be facing.
3" - 5" Sound Bar Above or Below TV
By adding some additional height to your TV lift cabinet, we can give you enough space either above or below your TV. If you want to enjoy a music only experience, you can mount your sound bar above your TV and then stop the down motion of the TV lift right before your sound bar disappears into the cabinet. This option is perfect for any Swivel or Pivot viewing option as your sound bar will always be facing the same direction your TV is when the viewing angle is adjusted. (Adds 3-5" To Cabinet Height)
Flip Down Drawer
One the great things about our TV lift cabinet designs, is that you can easily add a flip down drawer to any design in our catalog to give you space for your sound bar. This option is only available for a standard sized cabinets, but if cabinet height is a concern, this option gives your sound bar a place to stay out of sight without adding height to the cabinet. This option comes in a manual operation or Micro Motorization operation mode. The motorized version allows you to individually control the drawer for a music only experience or you can activate both the TV lift and the drawer at the same time with one button.
Flip Down Drawer with Panel Screen
So this is the same sound bar storage solution as the Flip Down Drawer with the exception of a panel screen for the drawer head. As you can see in the picture, this will replace the wood with a metal mesh screen that will allow you keep the drawer closed to enjoy your sound bar. We paint the screen to match your cabinets finish to give it a uniform appearance or we can paint it whatever color you like for an eye catching two tone look.
Flip Down Pocket Head Drawer
Same as the Flip Down Drawer option but with a pocket head drawer that allows you to push the drawer head into the cabinet so you don't have a drawer head flipped down and in the way. Purely an aesthetic choice as this option comes only as a manual operation, no Micro Motorization option is available.... yet.