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Motorized Murphy Beds can smoothly and safely lift a bed for Storage.
A perfect motorized design solution for small spaces and multifunction rooms. Make the most efficient use of your space by allowing your bed to disapear when not in use. With the push of a button your bed will smoothly, quickly and quietly glide from the wall to the floor. The bed is built within a solid chassis using American TV Lift technology , fully assembled ready to install. With your choice of a high quality Ex-Cel PVC or a Maple Ply. The Ex-Cel PVC chassis gives you long lasting durability in a lightweight package, it comes in either black or white, but can be painted. Ex-Cel is fire resistant (Rated UL 9 VO), self extinguishing, non-corrosive, non-toxic, safe for the environment (no heavy metals), and best of all chemical and moisture resistant. Maple Ply is your other chassis choice and this wood is just as strong as the Ex-Cel PVC but lacks the resistances of the Ex-Cel. One would choose the Maple Ply if they wanted to stain the unit to any color they like . As with all our products saftey is always a priority, new technology will ensure this machine is always safe. Made in America, shipped worldwide, 12 year warranty.