The American TV Lift Mechanisms

Looking For The Best TV Lift Experience Around?


There are two types of TV Lifts in the world, stand alone units, simple machines with a bracket mount for your TV, and then there's the ATL Mechanism. So what's the real difference? Well as you can see pictured, there's a huge difference, with some being noticeable, and others under the hood. With a competitors lift, you'll receive a box full of parts and a good luck note. If you're looking for a turnkey, instant gratification TV Lift, you've found it at American TV Lift.

Judge A Book By Its Cover

We've been taught to never judge a book by its cover, but in this case, it's ok to do so, because well, we're the only TV Lift with a cover. The ATL Mechanism is the ultimate project starting point. You don't need any mechanical knowledge to make our mechanism the perfect starting point for your next TV conceal project. The door to creativity is wide open for you whether your next project is a renovation, a new outdoor living area, in the ceiling, on the ceiling, in the wall, we can build you anything you want for any project requiring a lift, that's the true advantage American TV Lift has over any other TV lift provider. At American TV Lift, you get a TV lift mechanism fully assembled within a maple wood frame, this means no mechanical assembly, or mounting a machine to a cabinet required, the only thing you have to do is apply your cabinet face, sides and the top to our ATL Mechanism. So if you're a professional cabinetmaker with a client looking to add a new TV Lift to their home, your job just got a whole lot easier with the ATL Mechanism since all of the mechanical parts are already built in, you just need to do what you do best.

A TV Lift Built To Last

Our ATL Mechanism isn't just single actuator mounted to a cabinet that's expected to push the weight of TV up from the middle, that's just lazy engineering. There's a reason 90% of the telescoping lifts on the market today can only support TV sizes up to 65" and come with 5 year warranties, they're makers know they'll fail over time, so they're priced cheap because they are cheaply made.

In our quest to build a better TV lift we looked past the simple actuator and looked more towards the heavy lifters of our world. We realized there was no stability or longevity in lifting the TV from the middle so we moved the lifting work to the sides of the TV. This created a stronger lift, a smoother lift, and less strain on a motor meaning less noise and longevity. All of this comes to you with the longest warranty in the industry, a full 12 years (5 years for outdoor lifts), with a 1 year full service on site repair warranty; you won't find a better warranty than that because you won't find another TV lift system that'll last that long.

Competitive Pricing

Time is money, we all know that, so why waste your time with a telescoping lift? Trust us when we say, motion is never easy, there are a large number of variables that you don't even consider until you've encountered them. So instead of dealing with the headache of assembling, wiring, and mounting a telescoping lift mechanism, just consider what you're getting with an ATL Mechanism. A mechanism fully assembled, tested, perfectly aligned, smooth non wobble TV reveal, cable protection system pre installed, optional pre wired cable package for quick component connect, and a mechanism we can guarantee you 100% is going to be faster and quieter than any other TV lift on the market delivered free to your home or job site, ready to plug and play. Competitive pricing when really there is no competition.

If we were in the business of repairing other manufactures TV lifts based on the number of requests we get each year, we probably wouldn't need to sell TV lifts. But we here at American TV Lift believe in sustainability not temporary, we believe in creating value in a product that'll last generations and not tax our environment with more landfill waste. You buy paper plates because they do a job once, you buy fine china because they do the same job, last longer, and they impress your guests.

The Best Solution For Your Outdoor TV Lift Needs

If you're looking for an outdoor cabinet, we ensure all of our mechanical parts are replaced with electrogalvanized stainless steel, and the machine is held together by a high quality polymer plastic, same stuff used to make outdoor playground equipment, built to survive the harsh outdoor conditions for a very long time. Security is always an issue when deciding to put your TV outside, if you mount it on the wall, it's easy pickings for a thief. With an ATL Mechanism we offer a key activated secure fortress for your TV. Safety from the elements and the sticky finger opportunists of the world.