Repurposing Solutions

Transforming The Old Into Something New

Don't Abandon Your Old Entertainment Center Just Yet...

So here at American TV Lift we love coming up with solutions to problems, and one of the major problems many of you face is the now useless armoire or entertainment center you purchased pre flat panel TV. Those relics of a time long ago were designed for large square TVs so fitting a newer rectangle shaped TV means you need to settle with a 40" to make it fit. Well that's a problem because who wants a 40" TV when you had a much larger screen before.

With ATL actuator technology and our patent pending motorized rotation grip mount, you can now use the vertical space in your armoire to store a larger newer TV in there when you're not using it and with the press of a button watch the TV push forward and rotate to the proper viewing angle for you to enjoy. The ATL rotation arm is easy to install in any existing armoire, entertainment center, or wherever you may need such a device.