Protection Plan

12 Year Limited Warranty + Protection Plan = Guaranteed Performance

The ATL Protection Plan is here to give you peace of mind. The Protection Plan is a monthly service plan that covers everything. The benefits of the ATL Protection Plan are that all costs associated with repairs are covered including labor, parts, and any travel expenses. Also, you are enrolled in our Priority Technical Support Service. For those who never want to worry about it. The only way to guarantee the performance of a complicated machine is to give it the help it needs if it ever needs help. It is that simple. We highly recommend this protection plan.

Want to add the ATL Protection Plan to a TV lift that you are about to order? Simply select "12 Year Limited Warranty + Protection Plan = Guaranteed Performance" when you are choosing your options.

The Cost of the Plan for New Clients is .025% of the order total per year. This can be charged out into 12 monthly payments (Usually $20-50$ per month).

If you purchased your machine before we launched the protection plan, don't worry you can still sign up.
Just send us a video and some pictures of your machine and we can talk about getting you signed up

Priority Technical Support Service covers the cost of any product inspections, diagnosis calls, and technical support cases. You will also have the benefit of having your technical support case expedited.