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About American TV Lift

"Why do we do what we do!"

""American TV Lift is a company dedicated to significantly enhancing people's lives. We firmly believe that the synergy between our clients and our passionate workers creates a transformative bond that uplifts the lifestyle of both parties. Our unwavering commitment is to bring unparalleled beauty, harmony, and entertainment to our clients, while empowering our workers to support themselves and pursue their passion for creating beauty. This not only fosters a rewarding and sustainable career for our workers but also equips them with the resilience to conquer life's challenges. Skillfully concealing objects serves as a powerful catalyst for propelling people forward in life."

"American TV Lift Engineers designs and manufactures top-of-the-line machines for lifting, rotating, and lowering TVs, speakers, and valuables. Since 1999, we have been unwavering in our mission to create a world where cutting-edge technology enhances our daily lives. Our unique lifting machines feature heavy-duty motors, precision gearboxes, and cold rolled drive shafts. By integrating industrial equipment design, we have tailored our machines for seamless use in home and office settings, guaranteeing stable, fast, and silent performance that endures. Let us assist you in bringing sophisticated and entertaining smart machines to your home and office environment."

A Quality Television Lift System

Introducing the ultimate choice for top-quality Pop Up TV lift cabinets and cutting-edge TV lift technology and features. Whatever your design or feature requirements, American TV Lift has you covered with the most extensive selection of TV lift cabinet systems and TV lift mechanisms available anywhere. With over two decades of experience in the TV lift business, we are the unrivaled experts in finding the perfect TV lift systems for any budget and feature request.

Contact our experts today, and we will guide you to the ideal TV lift for your project. Our Pop Up TV lift cabinet systems are fully customizable with various wood types, finish colors, accent hardware, cabinet sizing, and more. Can't find exactly what you're looking for? No problem – let us know, and we'll create a completely personalized TV lift cabinet system just for you. We take pride in our creations, leaving no detail overlooked. The American TV Lift system is simply the best available, backed by the longest warranty in the TV lift industry – a solid twelve years.

Our systems boast ultra-quiet operation, soft start and stop, smooth and stable movement, extreme reliability, and rapid elevation. They can be controlled from any learning IR or RF remote and seamlessly integrate with all home automation systems on the market. Tell us your preferred method of control, and we'll set it up at our facility!

"A Factory for Creation."

Our expansive, cutting-edge facility is strategically situated in Tulsa, Oklahoma, minimizing shipping time and maximizing convenience. It boasts complete climate control, guaranteeing the utmost protection for your products.

"Our high-quality TV lift cabinets are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in our state-of-the-art facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We utilize a wide array of tools, including multiple CNC machines for precision cutting and carving, as well as handcrafting and finishing to ensure each electric TV lift is truly unique. Our products are constructed using a variety of real woods and special veneers, designed to stand the test of time."