About US

About American TV Lift

Why We Do What We Do?

"American TV Lift is a company formed to help people lift their lifestyle. What we mean is when the beautiful combination of an understanding client and a passionate worker is formed, a bond is created that lifts the lifestyle of both parties. Together we provide beauty, order, and entertainment for the client and in turn, help the worker pay their bills and learn how to passionately create beauty. This keeps people moving forward in life, knowing they have a growing and challenging career in front of them. People need a load to push against to become strong enough to overcome the challenges life presents us. Beautifully Lifting televisions is simply the load we use to move people forward in life.

American TV Lift Engineers and manufactures machines for the entertainment and function of lifting, turning, and lowering TV's, Speakers, Valuables, Etc. Since 1999 we've been constantly moving forward with our vision of a world where smart machines help us with our daily lives. We build unique lifting machines, some simple some not. We're talking heavy-duty motors connected to gearboxes and cold rolled drive shafts. We have taken new and standard industrial equipment design and scaled it down for home and office use. This allows us to design and build great machines that preform on a reliable basis for the long run. All coming together to give you a stable, fast, silent, and long-lasting performance.

Let us help you bring exciting and entertaining smart machines to the home and office environment.

A Quality Television Lift System

The quality choice for fine Pop Up TV lift Cabinets and latest TV lift Technology and features. Whatever the design or desired features, American TV Lift has you covered offering the most available TV lifts cabinets systems and TV lift mechanisms anywhere. We have been in the TV lift business since 1999 and we know the best TV lift systems for each budget and feature request. So give us a call today and our experts will help guide you to the perfect TV lift for your project. All of our Pop Up TV lift cabinet systems can be personalized with different wood types, finish colors, accent hardware, cabinet sizing, and more. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for just let us know and we’ll build a completely custom TV lift cabinet system for you. We take pride in our creations and no detail is overlooked. The American TV Lift system is simply the best available. In fact, we're so confident in our pop-up TV lift cabinets that we offer the longest warranty in the TV lift industry (twelve years). Our systems feature ultra-quiet operation, soft start and stop, smooth and stable movement, extreme reliability, and a fast rise. Our systems can be controlled from any learning IR or RF remote and all home automation systems on the market. Just let us know how you would like to control the lift, and we'll set it up at our facility!

Facility For Creation

Our spacious innovative facility is centrally located in America's heartland, Tulsa, Oklahoma (this often reduces shipping time!). It is totally climate-controlled so your furniture and machines are always protected. 

High-Quality Lift Furniture

American TV Lift cabinets are built by fine craftsmen and craftswomen in our innovative facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We use thousands of tools including multiple CNC machines for precision cutting and carving, and we complete the rest of the build and finishing touches by hand to allow for creative uniqueness in each electric TV lift. We use all kinds of real wood and special veneers, and our products are built to last a lifetime.