Custom Shipping Crate

Safe and Sound Shipping

Meet the American TV Lift Shipping Crate

One of the first challenges we needed to overcome was getting a final completed product to our clients without incurring any extra costs, fortunately, we're pretty awesome at building things out of wood. Since we build all of our cabinets here at our facility and build them to last, it wasn't a problem applying the same techniques and simply building our own shipping crates.

Each crate is built around your fully assembled TV Lift giving you a custom fit; along with the custom engineered suspension system, and tons of foam pads, there's no way our 100% shipping success rate record will ever be challenged. We take pride in our work so there's no way we're going to risk ANY damage to your TV Lift while it's in transit to your home or job site. But in the off chance something happens during shipment, any damage to the cabinet, the mechanical components for the TV Lift, and even the TV itself is fully insured at full replacement value.

You won't find that level of dedication, confidence, and commitment to customer satisfaction anywhere else.