A/V Specialists

Are You An A/V Specialist Looking For A TV Lift Cabinet?

Look No Further, You Found What You Were Looking For

When it comes to your clients, they expect the best and your team gives them the best, your reputation requires you to go this distance. At American TV Lift we understand this core business principal and we're ready to walk that distance no matter how far it is with you to give your next job that level of excellence your clients have come to expect from you.

Perfected Over The Years

Since 1999, American TV Lift has worked with numerous AV professionals and on every job we deliver a product that blows their expectations out of the water. Why is this you ask? Well it's simple, at American TV Lift we don't just buy a cabinet, or a TV lift mechanism off the market, put it in a box and give you an assembly manual... No we build your cabinet in a real workshop, we're cabinet makers and mechanical engineers working together under one roof to give you unlimited design options, you won't find that anywhere else.

Engineered To Last

We know you expect a product that will last your clients for years, that's why we've engineered and machined our very own custom TV Lift system that lasts as long as the cabinet we build around it. Other lift systems can't even match the speed and whisper quite movement found in an American TV Lift. Our motto is, if it can be made better, then make it better. We drive this industry into the future, we never stop innovating, we've developed TV Lift systems that you can't find anywhere else. That's what America has always been about and we're proud to say we're American made.

The Control You Know

When it comes to control, no one has more options than American TV Lift. We start with the basic discrete IR controller and go from there. You want RF control, you got it. You want a current sensor system, you got it. You want Android and iOS integration, you got it. You want one button control or two button control? How about direct mental link control, ok so that's not a real thing yet, but our engineers are working on it. The point is, we know control, we've worked with the best, just look below, and we know you want options and no one else can give you the number of options we can, period. Whatever system you and your client wants, we can make sure your custom TV Lift will be plug and play ready.

Contact us today or start building your clients dream cabinet and go that extra distance for your client and choose the best in the industry, American TV Lift.