Are You Ready To Meet The New Face Of Luxury?

High Quality TV Lifts At A Cost You Can Afford

Looking to upgrade your rooms to add a little extra "Wow" for your guests? Well you've found the right place because American TV Lift specializes in giving our clients a lot of extra "Wow". When you step into a room and experience the magic of a TV lift by American TV Lift, your world will never be the same. American TV Lift has taken what the industry has put out there and improved upon, making it, faster, quieter, and more reliable without increasing the costs. We use only the finest materials and our team consists of the best designers, craftsmen, and engineers found in America. We give you only the highest quality product and not the highest price.

Your Look, Your Style, No Problem

So you want impress your guests with a TV lift system but you don't want to replace all of your furnishings to cater to the new showpiece in your rooms. That's not a problem for American TV Lift as we have a state of the art facility where we can match your hotels look, the same finish, the same fine details, heck even the same wood you use in all of your rooms. We've been building high quality furniture since 1999 so we know how important it is for you to keep even the finest details that already exist in your rooms style. At American TV Lift we don't believe in sacrificing style, we believe in lifting style to the next level.

Your Look, Your Style, Is A Problem

So your hotel is looking a bit dated and your style just isn't doing it for your guests anymore and this has become a problem. This is where American TV Lift can go above and beyond the other guys. Where other TV lift providers can only sell you a TV lift cabinet built by a different company, we have the advantage of Americas best craftsmen, designers, and engineers under one roof. Our team will work with your team from start to finish and help you design a brand new look for your rooms. Want a modern twist on an old style, or even an old feel to a modern look, if you can dream it, we can build it. We not only can help you redesign your furnishings, we can even build them, desks, dressers, bed frames, bed frames with TV lifts in them. When you choose American TV Lift you get more than just a TV lift provider, you get a company that goes the extra mile to make sure your guests leave with a story to tell.