Marine Industry

Does The Open Sea Call To You But Not Your TV?

Protection From Poseidon Never Looked So Good

While the open sea may welcome you and your family with open arms, she's not very accommodating to your on-board TV. Protecting your electronics from water and salt may be next to impossible, but rough waters can beat up any TV that you have bolted to a stand or even mounted to the wall. American TV Lift offers you a solution both functional and fabulous with our made to order TV Lift cabinets. Our TV Lift securely tucks your TV into a custom made cabinet, one made of marine treated wood and stainless steel machined parts, together forming a cocoon of safety against the rage of any storm. Poseidon, bring your worst!

The Next Step In Luxury

Just when you thought impressing your friends with your yacht was coming to an end, American TV Lift is here to help you blow their minds once again. Over the years mankind has found new ways to improve upon their living spaces, well, this is the year of the TV Lift and we're here to give you the TV Lift you want, the TV Lift you need. American TV Lift offers more features, and more design options at a better quality than any other TV Lift provider in the world. Nothing says luxury like hand crafted and we've been hand crafting some of the finest TV Lift cabinets for over 17 years backed by the industries longest warranty (12 years). If you're looking to add a quality product to your ship of the sea or you're planning on building a brand new yacht, don't trust a smooth talking salesman, trust American TV Lift, where the line of luxury begins.

Not Just For Yachts

For years people have flocked to cruise ships for fantastic vacation getaways, seeking fun, exotic locations, and a taste of luxury. Competing to capture these vacationers imagination has been a challenge for years, new destinations, better pricing, and larger ships have all been part of the ever evolving world of cruise ship vacations. One thing cruise ships have always boasted were their luxurious guest suites, rooms fit for a king and brimming with all the modern amenities a vacationer would ever want. Now it's time for your cruise line to take your guest suites to the next level by adding a TV Lift by American TV Lift. Weather you're planning on upgrading a current cruise ship or your company is constructing a new ship for your fleet, American TV Lift is ready to work with your team to bring your guests something they're going to be talking about for years. Our TV Lifts are safe, fast, quite, and unlike other TV Lift providers, built to last even on the open sea. Call us today and find out what American TV Lift can build for you and your cruise line.