Your Cabinet Design

Building The Perfect TV Lift

It all starts with a dream, then a dream turns into a vision, and then the vision becomes reality. We all go down this path in our lives in one way or another whether and it would seem seeing as you're here reading this that you're following your dream of owning a TV lift. Giving you the TV lift system of your dreams has always been our goal and we do this by not limiting you to a few select cabinets on our website. We open doors rather than close them, we offer options instead of excuses. Whether you have a specific cabinet you want transformed into a TV lift or if you're a cabinetmaker ready to build your own TV lift, we offer the best solutions at the best price.

The Form And The Function

When we talk to our clients the one thing they share in common is the desire to remove the TV from their living space when not in use for whatever reason, but the one thing not all of them share in common is style. While we may offer hundreds of different styles of cabinets for you to pick from on our website, we're aware not everyone is going to find the perfect dream machine in our catalog. With this self awareness we've opened the doors to your designs, the real advantage to working with furniture makers is getting exactly what you want and not just what's listed on the website.

Whatever cabinet you find on whatever website or in whatever magazine, we can apply its design to our ATL and Economy Systems without any problems. In fact many of the TV lift cabinets on our website have come from customers like you, they present their dream cabinet, we accept the challenge and deliver. So if you can't find what you like on, send us something you do like and we'll transform that piece of furniture into a state of the art TV lift.

The DIY Dream Machine

So you're a pro in the shop, you've got the tools, you've got the skills, now all you need is the materials to start your very own TV lift project. Well you can do it the easy way or you can do it the hard way, all while staying within the same budget range. I don't know about you, but the easy way always trumps the hard way... I mean if I was the only one who thought that we'd all still be hand cranking our cars from the outside to get em started... So being a cabinetmaker you want to focus on what you do best and not have to worry about wiring or mounting a machine to your newly made cabinet. With the ATL Pop Up Mechanism, you're getting a plug and play system ready for your design, ready for your vision.

It all comes back to the dream, if your living space was determined by someone else's idea of good design, then we would all share the same uninspiring spaces. We here at American TV Lift like to say if you can't find the perfect cabinet on our website, or any other website, then build one, but use your time to focus on the art of furniture making and leave the art of engineering to us. Together this will be one easy DIY project you'll love for years to come.