Designing A Style That's Just Right For You

Design Is Intelligence Made Visible

When you're buying a TV lift online you're not truly shopping for a TV lift, you're looking for the cabinet that wraps itself around the cold metal machine inside. There are many TV lift providers out there on the world wide web, but only one sees the end result, only one can see the final destination. It's within this intelligence American TV Lift can separate the form from the function so flawlessly giving you a custom TV lift that's not limited by machine inside.

The Style And Look To Fit Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary, your place of rest, and your peace of mind and how you decorate it is up to you. One thing you should never do is compromise your style with a piece of furniture that disturbs your feng shui. We feel that the look of the cabinet should merge with what already is your style, after all, you are looking to remove the empty black square from the equation due to its lack of character. With hundreds of cabinets displayed online, sometimes finding the right cabinet is not possible, this is why we offer you the opportunity to find any cabinet on any website or in your home and we will convert it to a TV lift. Designing a room is like a puzzle, your TV lift shouldn't be the piece that doesn't fit.

Concept To Reality

We offer you design services with the experience and the tools to help you create the perfect TV lift cabinet for your home or office. From the first conversation with you, we truly listen to your wants and needs. From pencil to paper, the latest photo editing software, to the latest 3D drafting software, we show you with expert detail your perfect TV lift cabinet before it's even built. Changes and alterations can easily be made during the design phase giving you a level of creative control you won't find anywhere else. Being 100% satisfied with your cabinet is our goal, this piece of furniture will be the centerpiece of any space it's in so getting it right is key.