Hand Crafted Quality With Machine Precision

Quality Isn't Expensive, It's Priceless

At American TV Lift, we are craftsmen at heart, we value most what so few value in the TV lift industry, quality... This is our core value and it's seen in every TV lift cabinet we build, from the precision cuts of a CNC machine to the hand-carved details of seasoned artisans. We started out as furniture makers, and only when we saw a need to lift an industry out of the dull wasteland of mediocrity we decided to design and engineer a lift system that stood up to our standards of quality and paired perfectly with the high-quality furniture we were producing every day. You don't buy a new car just for the engine inside, you're also moved by the look and the quality of the body surrounding it, why wouldn't you want the same from your TV lift?

The American TV Lift Difference

What you get when you choose American TV Lift is a team of craftsmen, CNC operators, men and women who in their free time build and restore furniture. It's in their blood and nothing short of perfection is always their goal whether it's assembling a cabinet or applying a high-quality finish in our state of art finishing booth.

With the ATL System, it's not just an afterthought installed in a finished cabinet, it's a part of the cabinet built and engineered to become one with the cabinet during the cabinet assembly. Craftsmen and engineers working side by side giving you structural stability that far exceeds anything else in the TV lift industry today. You wouldn't buy a new car and have someone else install a go-cart engine in it after you towed it home now, would you?


Keeping Craftsmanship Alive

We live in a fast-paced world and sometimes companies find the easy way is the most profitable way, a poorly made product for a quick buck. When we look at the world today and the TV lift industry as a whole, we're reminded of a quote once said by an American icon and how our dedication to quality craftsmanship will always be the priority over a poorly made product.

"We don't value craftsmanship anymore! All we value is ruthless efficiency, and I say we deny our own humanity that way! Without an appreciation for grace and beauty, there's no pleasure in creating things and no pleasure in having them! Our lives are made drearier, rather than richer! How can a person take pride in his work when skill and care are considered luxuries! We're not machines! We have a human need for craftsmanship!"

~ Bill Watterson, Author of Calvin and Hobbes