And They're Tech Experts Too?

Always Do More Than Is Required Of You

To sell you just a TV lift, that would be too easy. To sell you a TV lift and make sure you have absolutely no extra work to do after your purchase, now that's a challenge. We knew two things we needed to be accomplish to launch us to the top when we decided to enter the TV lift industry. #1. Make a better TV lift. #2. Make sure the customer has little to no work to do to make this product out of the box ready. This service part of the industry just wasn't there, we couldn't find a single company who took to this level of customer service so we decided something needed to be done about that. That's why we employ some of the best A/V guys in the industry, we want you to receive a product you only need to connect to your WiFi, power outlet and start enjoying it right out of the box.

Knowing The Technology Of Today

With the ever changing landscape of technology our staff is dedicated to being in the know and keeping up with the trends of today’s technologies whether through attending trade shows like CEDIA or cruising major tech news sites like If we're not innovating and offering our clients the latest and greatest in home entertainment technology then we just need to pack up our bags and go home. With our knowledge and experience at your fingertips, together we can build you the best TV lift entertainment system possible, we know what works best and we know a good deal when we see one.

A Network Of Professionals

Making sure your new TV lift system by American TV Lift is ready to use moments out of the box is our goal, however, there are situations where getting us the TV isn't an option. We've been in the audio/video industry for years and we've worked with many A/V integrator companies, some good, some bad. We've vetted these A/V integrator companies as we work with them and know who takes customer service as serious as we do. That's why we'll connect you with one of our A/V integrator partners in your area and make sure someone will be there when your TV lift cabinet arrives to mount your current TV and connect your components.