Moving An Industry One TV At A Time

One Man's Magic Is Another Man's Engineering

Progress is moved by the hands of engineers, around here, TV's are moved by lifts designed by engineers. We've taken what was already established, the TV lift mechanism, and made a better, faster, and stronger version of it, because why not, it's what engineers do. The ATL System is the result of those years of thinking and rethinking mechanical design, we're not saying we're the printing press of the TV lift world, but we kind of are... No matter the scale of the project be it a 32" TV in an 18" tall cabinet or a 120" TV dropping from the ceiling, there's no TV conceal project our team cannot handle.

The Best Lift For Any Budget

The ATL System is our flagship system, however, the level of work and precision that goes into creating the best lift system in the world isn't always the most budget-friendly option. Our engineers have selected the best of the economy models offered by other TV lift providers and put them all to the test. We've run many tests to determine which system is the quickest, quietest, and longest-lasting so that we can, with confidence, offer you an Economy TV lift system that can be paired with one of our fine handcrafted cabinets.

The ATL System, Piece By Piece Perfection

We've taken the idea of a TV lift and the idea of fine handcrafted furniture and paired the two like no one else. When you have dedicated engineers you're in a constant situation where even your best no longer is the best. You're not just accepting the status quo, you are rewriting it one CAD file at a time. Take the low profile lift, for example, any cabinet on our website or any other website, we can make that cabinet 18" tall and put a concealed TV in it. You're not going to find that anywhere else and there's no "How To" video on Youtube that'll teach how to do this, this is years of work to make something impossible, possible. We consider everything right down to the tiniest of gears, even our outdoor pop-up TV lifts we use galvanized steel parts in place of stainless steel adding another level of protection even in the harshest environments. We stand behind our Engineer Team by giving you the industry's longest 12 year warranty, the ATL System is built to last, built for silence, built for speed.