"We have the capability to produce the covert storage machine you want."

"Enhancing lifestyles with beautifully efficient concealment machines."

"American TV Lift is a leading expert in the design and global distribution of sophisticated lift technology. We prioritize top-notch design, unwavering reliability, and unparalleled customer satisfaction to deliver luxurious hidden storage solutions. Our unwavering commitment to developing products that enhance everyday efficiency sets us apart from the competition. Our focus on efficiency empowers us to achieve more, akin to the principle of compound interest."

High-Quality Luxury Concealment Machines

Our ATL luxury line concealment machines are designed to be quiet, fast, and stable, emphasizing performance and longevity for both the machine and the company.

Protection Plan Guarantee

"The ATL Protection Plan provides an unparalleled level of peace of mind and comfort that is unmatched by any other service. With an ATL machine Tech supporting your ATL machine, performance can be guaranteed. The Protection Plan includes coverage for all tech support, parts, labor, and travel charges required to make any mechanical repair in the field."

"Enhanced Viewing and Audio Solutions"

We provide a wider range of viewing and sound solutions than any other company. If you are unable to find the solution you need, simply contact us, and our engineers will create it for you..

Finished Case Around Your TV

"When using our ATL luxury lift, it's like entering an elevator - you can't see how it works. When your TV is raised, it will be surrounded by a beautiful case that hides the TV back, wires, and inside of the cabinet. This enhances the beauty and enjoyment of using your lift cabinet and watching TV."

"Longest Limited 12-Year Warranty"

Our company provides the most extended limited warranty available in the market.


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