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American TV Lift is a provider like no other. With decades of knowledge, we have designed an entire ecosystem to successfully provide this complex technology for the world to enjoy every day. Design, reliability, and people, bring you the ultimate luxury TV lift. Our passion to create products that give you that enjoyable daily experience we want you to have, make us truly unrivaled.

A TV Lift Can Help Your Mind Relax...

What will a TV Lift do for my lifestyle... A TV lift is a switch for you to control order and chaos in your home. What do we mean by this? Television's brings the outside world into your home and all its chaos in full 4K display. Your mind knows what it represents even when it is off, glancing at it on your wall like a negative black hole. You will not be able to relax like you would if the object was simply out of sight. Turning it on to avoid this negative space invites that chaotic energy, disrupting relaxation. Now imagine a space where you can press a button or simply speaking and the TV will magically disappear, revealing your beautiful panting of your family hanging on the wall. Your mind can now relax knowing chaos has been put away in a beautiful case. You will be free to concentrate on the things that matter like reading, sleeping, or watching your children grow. We all wish life was that easy, but in a small way, we can provide this clarity of thought in your home. You will find your home, therefore, your life more enjoyable and peaceful. If you can control the flow of chaos into your home and mind. An object must be put away out of sight to be truly free from it. Turning off a TV that hangs on the wall, still leaves it on in your mind. Everyone needs a break from the chaos of the outside world. Our homes are that sanctuary, so when life's chaos pushes us to the limit, and it's time to relax and find peace, a TV lift can really help the mind and body relax. We can all understand a room with a TV in Full Display is a different room than one without a TV. American TV Lift can make those rooms transform back and forth with a simple command...

Highest Quality Luxury Lift Mechanisms

Our ATL luxury line mechanisms are quiet, fast, strong, and stable. We engineer and build our mechanisms, to ensure performance and longevity.

Protection Plan Guarantee

The ATL Protection Plan adds a level of peace of mind not offered by anyone else. The Protection Plan will cover all parts, labor, and travel charges needed to make any mechanical repair.

Highest Quality Luxury Lift Cabinets

Master mechanics and skilled craftsmen create our TV Lift cabinets one at a time, right here in America's heartland. They are made of high-quality materials and built to last a lifetime.

Most Design Options

We offer more designs than ANYBODY else in this market. If you don't see what you're looking for just contact us and we will work with you to develop your perfect design.

Most Customization Options

All of our TV lift cabinets can be customized (size, color, features, etc). If you don't see the customization option you are looking for just contact us.

Most Viewing and Sound Solutions

We offer more viewing and sound solutions than ANYBODY else. If you don't see the solution you're looking for just contact us and our engineers will create it for you.

Finished Case Around Your TV

When your TV is raised with our ATL luxury lift, you'll see a case around it (not the TV back, the wires, and the inside of your cabinet). This enhances the beauty of your cabinet.

Longest Limited Warranty

We offer the longest limited warranty in the market (12 Years)

About American TV Lift

Why We Do What We Do?

"American TV Lift is a company formed to help people lift their lifestyle. What we mean is when the beautiful combination of an understanding client and a passionate worker is formed, a bond is created that lifts the lifestyle of both parties. Together we provide beauty, order, and entertainment for the client and in turn, help the worker pay their bills and learn how to passionately create beauty. This keeps people moving forward in life, knowing they have a growing and challenging career now and in the future. People need a load to push against to become strong enough to overcome the challenges life presents us all. Beautifully lifting televisions is simply the load we use to move people forward in life."

-Jeff Matukewicz-

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